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Riding horses through the mountainsWe, Jim and Adrienne Fink, are the sole owners and operators of Blackstone Outfitters with 35 years of experience in the Guiding and Outfitting industry. We have been in the Blackstone area since 1999. Jim is a well-seasoned mountain and bush pilot. He has been flying in the north since 1979 and has guided hunters and fishermen since 1976. As the office manager, Adrienne does most of the correspondence and is also very involved during the hunting season cooking and expediting. She has been in the fishing and hunting industry since 1984. We are a great team, having worked together for over 30 years. Allow our experience to guide you on an incredible Yukon hunt! We are committed to making your hunt a great experience with the highest opportunity for success.

We are proud of our continuing involvement with the leading organizations. Jim is a lifetime member of SCI, Wild Sheep Foundation and Yukon Wild Sheep Foundation and a member of Yukon Outfitters Association, Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia, Dallas Safari Club, Mule Deer Foundation and Yukon Fish and Game Association. Conservation : leading conservation organizations.

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Safari Club International
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Wild Sheep Foundation
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Extensive Area

Blackstone Outfitters operates in a region of approximately 10,000 square miles located in Northern Yukon. We hunt the north slope of the Ogilvie Mountains along the Blackstone, Ogilvie, Hart, Miner, Porcupine, Peel, and Whitestone River watersheds. The area encompasses a wide variety of terrains, with rugged mountains, beautiful river valleys, and vast tundra flats.

Wilderness in the real sense of the word, hunting this country can be an incredible experience. Our area has yet to be hunted throughout, and each year we explore the exciting new territory. Our established areas produce many high-quality trophies as well. We take a limited number of hunters to ensure our clients are provided with top quality hunts.

Knowledgeable Crew

We ultimately strive to provide an outstanding crew, from seasoned, skilled professional guides to experienced horse wranglers and mountain cooks. Our guides are qualified, knowledgeable and have a keen interest in hunting. They strive to provide our hunters with a memorable, exciting and successful experience. It is quite common to gain a long-term friend after as little as a 10-day hunt with your guide.

Reliable Equipment, Communication and Quality Camps

We believe in upgrading our equipment to ensure our clients’ success. From our fleet of airplanes to our solid, sure-footed mountain horses and mules, we assure you that our equipment is top of the line. Blackstone is continually upgrading Base and Mountain camps. We use quality equipment and gear and we’re always researching new products, which is one of many reasons that we’re a step ahead of competitors.

Our guides communicate with base camp via Garmin InReach satellite text units. The true 2-way communication they provide is extremely valuable.

Zodiak, Zebek and Metzler are float boats we use for their safety and durability. Quality tents we provide are: Big Agnes, North Face, Sierra Design and Beckel. We regularly upgrade our camping gear and tack.